Friday, October 30, 2015

Tell Me A Story - Rome


Inside St Peter's Basilica

Putting the size of the church into perspective: The letters around the top (inside and out) are 5' high. 

Papal Gaurd 

Audience for Wednesday Mass with Pope Francis

Monument of Victor Emmanuel II with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 

Roman Forum

Inside the Colosseum 

On our way back through Austria & South East Germany

This trip reaffirmed my dislike for organized tour groups - no time to take or set up a decent shot and always being rushed. But none the less it was an honor being able to be in Pope Francis' audience even though I am not catholic.

The Story continues Sharon Meyer's page.


  1. Beautiful place. I would love to attend one of this.

  2. I love your visit to Rome. Wow - In 87 I went on a European tour and Rome was one of our stopping points but if I remember correctly I was sick for a couple of days and I did not get to see the Colosseum. What amazing photos of the arena. I do remember driving past it though. I did get to the Trevi Fountains, and to St Peters. Good memories you have brought up here. Beautiful capture - I love to travel with you :)

  3. Beautiful images! I hope to see St. Peter's in person one day too. The image of the papal guard was my favorite. The bright colors of his uniform against the muted colors of the surroundings make for a striking image!

  4. Thank you for taking us to Rome with you! I've been to Europe a few times but have never made it to Italy. My favorite is the colosseum. I can just imagine sitting there watching the goings on!