Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tell Me a Story - April 2018

Bacon's Castle

Surry County, VA

Went on an impromptu road trip with my brother who is visiting from Alaska. We happened upon and followed a road sign for Bacon's Castle where we spent the afternoon touring the house and grounds. I didn't have my camera with my so all of the pictures are iPhone photos edited with PS express. PS express editing helped give the photos the 'old' look texture, graininess and all. :)

Bacon's Castle

Staircase from the third floor. 

Window pane almost perfectly positioned to make a perfect frame. 
Root Cellar (old outer doorway closed off)
Over looking the slave quarters and other out buildings. The indentured servants were housed in the top floor of the house to keep them away from the slave families. The dark lines from the clouds are actually the imperfections in the window. 

Over looking the front lawn. 

Women dressed in "period" attire. 

Only the 'well-to-do' families and government offices had clocks .

Japanese tea set

I tried to capture the imperfection in the glass, but didn't quite get it all.  

Since paper was a rare commodity at the time it wasn't uncommon for family members to write notes, important dates, etc on the walls.

Not sure what game the two ladies where playing. I wasn't able to get both in the photo at the same time.

Cloud or ghostly hand climbing the stairs? 

What happens when the lady of the house (a generation or two later) does not like where the original windows were positioned
Slave quarters (housed 2-3 families maybe more)
Peering through the window of the slave quarters . 

The first actual addition to the original home later removed to make room for a larger addition. 
The photo's continue on Mindy's page. 

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  1. Beth these are great - I love visiting old houses. I love the staircase you have captured and the spinning wheel is awesome.