Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tell Me A Story May 2015: 57th Annual Pilgrimage Military International, Lourdes France

Basilica of the Rosary

 Irish Defense Forces Band
     When ever they played they always drew a crowd 
               and a lot of cheers and applause. 

Member of the German Army Band
during the opening ceremony.

 The  Papal Guard  
    w/the Papal flag during the opening ceremonies 

U.S. Knights of Columbus
Honor Guard delegation

Young French Cadet praying during 
            Mass at the Grotto

Royal and U.S. Color Guards
Morning Mass at the Grotto

Morning photo of the Basilica

Papal Guard
leading the Marian Procession

Chateau Fort of Lourdes


Marian Procession to the Basilica

Wheelchair bound soldier 
at the Marian Procession 
 (I'm not sure what nationality)


Slovakian Honor Guard Ceremony  

Prayer candles at the Grotto

Basilica rear (night) view
Basilica steeple and stair case

Tell Me a Story photos continues on  Stacey's site.                                                                         


  1. I love to see where you travel each month Beth. You have got some really good colorful images. My favorite by far is the wheelchair bound soldier. I love how you have kept him in color and made the rest black and white. It is a very moving photo, as is the soldier praying.

  2. always enjoy your travel photos Beth. Love the colors of the Papal Guards.. thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful images. That last one which uses the archway as a frame is my favorite.

  4. Great photos this month! I really loved the one of the solider in the wheelchair. I loved the lighting and it was emotional. Great blog this month!

  5. Always such a journey you take us on. Your images are fantastic!