Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Blog:
A Local Tourist

A friend flew in from Germany earlier this month. On one of the days she was here we decided to take a stroll along the board walk at Virginia Beach and visit the Cape Henry Lighthouses on Ft Story. A couple of days later we took a road trip to Elizabeth City, NC. Here are a few photos along with some PS play. It was nice to have such nice weather in February.

Virginia Beach Pier

On to Cape Henry and the beach at Ft Story: 
I apologize in advance for the multiple photos of the lighthouse.
Walkway to the beach on Ft Story.

I've gone to the top of the older one a couple of times, but not on this day.
Capen Henry Lighthouses: (background ca. 1792;  foreground: ca. 1881) 

I think the black and white sky and stairway added a different look to the photo.

Lonely pine cone on the beach

Road trip to Elizabeth City:

Downtown Elizabeth City. Still a quaint little town. 

Side view of the long since closed and almost left to ruin"Southern Hotel." When I saw a photo of this building in one of the local galleries and I knew I needed some photos.  It's a beautiful red brick building, but all of the wires distract the eye from the brick (hence why b/w with some color.) 

Corner view of the "Southern Hotel"
Front view of the "Southern Hotel." Too bad the rest of the boarded up windows weren't painted.
I'm not sure what type of tree this is but the blossoms where a very pretty bright red. 

I'm almost certain there was supposed to be another half of the ornament on this gate, but this for some reason caught my eye. 

 After the long hiatus it's good to be back taking photos of random road trips and outings. Go to  Sharleen's page to continue Tell Me a Story blogs.

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