Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tell Me a Story - March

Out and About 
Richmond, VA, Belle Island and the James River 
Just a few pictures if things that caught my eye while on a road trip to Richmond for the day. 
I thought the lines of the railroad overpass made an interesting frame for the bridges in the back ground. 

A few storm drains along the James River. 

The walking bridge to Belle Island under the 9th street bridge. 

Remnants of the old railroad bridge to Belle Island. 

Up river and dam remnants of the island's abandoned hydroelectric plant
Richmond skyline from the walking bridge to Belle Island

Belle Island housed one of the most notorious prisoner-of-war camps during the Civil War. 

Remnants of an old nail factory and later a ironworks operation which closed in 1972.

What's left of the railroad bridge connecting Belle Island to the industrial part of Richmond 

American Civil War Museum from Belle Island

The story continues on Emily's website. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. I should visit this place soon.

  2. Beautiful images. I love the artwork you captured.