Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tell Me a Story August 2018: Jacksonville, FL

Tell Me a Story 

August 2018

Downtown Jacksonville, FL

I spent a week in Jacksonville (only days before the shooting)  for the NOVA (National Organization for Victim Advocates) Conference. Although I didn't have transportation to travel around Jacksonville I was able to take a few pictures along the riverwalk. 

Jacksonville Downtown Riverwalk
By Day

A few of a large pod of dolphins in the St Johns River
Downtown Jacksonville

John T. Alsop Jr Bridge (Main Street Bridge)

RouxArt - Mirrored River (Southbank River Walk) under the Main Street Bridge

Isaiah David Hart Bridge


Basilica of The Immaculate Conception
Florida Theater

Liberty Hound Lone Sailor Statue

Downtown Jacksonville 
By Night

A beautiful advertisement at the Jacksonville Airport for their symphony 

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  1. Beth you managed to capture some beautiful images of Jacksonville. I love the second last night shot. The reflections are gorgeous. As a Floridian that has seen way to many shootings just lately, my heart goes out to the people of Jacksonville. I don't know how this can be allowed.

  2. Such beautiful images. The night skyline with the colourful reflection is gorgeous!