Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tell Me a Story - September 2018

Portsmouth Water Front

Norfolk Water Front

 Colombian Ship ARC Gloria

American Rover

Water Front Mermaid

The Hampton Roads area is prime target for hurricanes. With the treat of Florence looming I was part of the 'mandatory evacuees'. I am blessed to have friends in West Virginia that could accommodate me and my fur baby. What else is there to do in rural West Virginia as an evacuee? Be the tourist of course. However, in the rush to evacuate I thought I forgot the battery charger for my Canon, so all the tourist pictures were taken with my IPhone. It wasn't until after I got home did I realize I actually had the battery charger the entire time. Things that make you go ugh. 

New River Gorge National Park, WV

New River Gorge National Park

Bank Building Circa 1803
Glen Jean, WV

Hinton, WV

Lewisburg, WV

Thurmond, WV

Babcock State Part, WV

 Inside the Grist Mill

Glade Creek

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  1. Don't you just love to travel. I so enjoyed seeing all the old buildings and different style of living that we found up north. I went to Portsmouth, MA don't remember seeing the love sign. I love the tall building along the train line and the building with the water wheel.

    1. Sharleen,
      The “love” sign is in Portsmouth, Virginia.
      I love traveling, but I can’t travel like I used to.