Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tell me a story - May 2019

Chincoteague Island & Wild Horses

Sometimes it's fun being a tourist in your own back yard. Earlier this month a friend in D.C. had friends visiting from Germany who wanted to see wild horses and other places in Virginia. I entertained them at my home for a few days with several day trips. One day trip was too Chincoteague Island where we took a 2 hour cruise to find wild horses.

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Gulls waiting for chum from a fishing boat

One of the many egrets 

Eagles nest

Fishing for breakfast

Chincoteague Lighthouse


A few horses were brave enough to come out, but many stayed in the shrubs. 

Bald eagle, first one I have seen on the east coast. 

Mare with this years offspring. They run the horses across the channel twice a year for auction. Many of the foals are sold, but some in name only. 

On of the many stallions. A few of his mares are close by. 

Keeping an eye on his mares. 

Rounding up his mares before they stray too far. 

Sending his mares back to 'safety'.

Making their way home. 

Osprey nesting on a duck blind. Despite the hunters tearing the nest down come fall the birds return in the spring to rebuild their nests. 

Another herd 


 Each horse has a name and number. All are looked after by the local vet. Absolutely beautiful creatures. Next time I go back I will go the the National Park and hike along the trails for a close up encounter.

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  1. Beautiful. I would love to shoot wild horses.

  2. Ooh I am jealous of you seeing wild horses. One day I hope to get up to Georgia where there is an island that has wild horses on. I would love to see them. I love the image with the foal. So tender.