Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tell Me A Story June 2019

Rosewell Ruins 
Gloucester, VA
June 2019

I belong to a women's photography group on Meet-up. Earlier this month we met at the Rosewell Plantation Ruins in Gloucester for a photo shot. Construction of the Rosewell mansion began in 1725 by Mann Page I and was completed by his son in 1738. The house had 33 rooms and 17 fireplaces. The main building did not include the kitchen or laundry room. These rooms along with a smokehouse and ice house were out buildings. After construction was completed it was "the largest mansion in Virginia and one of the finest homes in America." In 1916 the mansion was destroyed by fire.

Front View
Back View

Left Side View
Right Side View

Woodland Box Turtle
Not sure where this little guy was going, but he wasn't getting anywhere fast. 

The property had so many Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies. So very pretty. 

Ice House Ruins

Nature reclaiming its own. 

So many nocks and crannies. I wish the walls were stable enough to be able to explore the basement. 

One of the many dragon flies around the property, but hard to get close enough to photograph.

Common Whitetail (female) Dragonfly

A local painter painting the mansion ruins. 

This little guy was thinking if he got low enough I wouldn't see him. He didn't want his picture taken. (I think he's a Broad-Headed Skink)

Here is the link to with a brief history of the plantation. 

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