Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tell Me a Story September 2019

Stress Relief
Ft Story Beach

When you're feeling stressed, upset, or angry grab your camera and go to your happy place. 
I love the beach on Ft Story. It's peaceful, quiet and usually never crowded. One particular Saturday I was having a really bad day and had had several situations that really got under my skin. After the one of the last incidents I knew I seriously needed to take a time out.  I grabbed by camera and decided to head to the beach. It was close to sunset which made the trip to the beach even more purposeful as I love taking photos of sunsets.
As I walked along the beach blowing off steam I took several (over 400 but who's counting) photos of whatever I came across. I'm so glad I wasn't using film. 

These photos are the result of the 'blowing off steam' walk. I apologize for the multiple lighthouse photos. 

Mr. Moon was gracious enough to pose for the picture. 

A hitchhiker refusing to fly away. 

Head over to Kim's page for more photos. 

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  1. I love what you managed to capture on the beach - such beautiful shells I love the 4th from the bottom image. It is gorgeous and that you managed to get a praying mantis as well is awesome. I love that you were able to go to the beach and de-stress. Thanks for sharing.