Monday, June 29, 2020

Tell me a Story June 2020

Sunsets, Full Moon, and Miscellaneous Photos 
Taken aboard the USS HARRY S TRUMAN

Sun rays in the water. 

One of the reconnaissance planes calling it a day. Coming in for a landing.

A sight you don’t see often... a Coast Guard boat being pulled By the Navy. The CG boat was damaged while trying to rescue another ship damaged by a storm the night before. The civilian boat was pulled to shore by another CG boat, while this one waited to also be pulled to shore. The CG send a second boat out to retrieve this one. The ship doing the pulling was the USS Forrest Sherman. I just happened to be on board with the rescue happened. 

A puffer fish caught shallow waters on the beach in Duqm, Oman. 

A B52 and some Air Force fighter jets do a strategically timed fly over while we were along side the Eisenhower for a “Joint Forces” photo op. Along with another one of our escort ships.

Transiting the Suez Canal

Full moon on the open ocean. 

This is a Canadian ship we did a multi national exercise with in the North Atlantic.  

A photo I took as I was being flown to one of our escort ships the USS Forrest Sherman to see a few of their sailors.

USS Eisenhower next to us for a photo op. 

I didn’t make I time to catch the moon rising, but I did get this shot.

Another beautiful full moon. 

One of our escorts the USS Normandy at our port call of Duqm, Oman. Duqm, Oman is not much more than a small port, which they are trying to make into another Dubai. 

December 2nd - Double Rainbow in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere.

Our supply ship bring us much needed supplies and maybe even mail. 

It is eerie how calm the ocean can be at times. 

50 Cal machine gun mount on the tail of the ship. 

A very foggy day in the North Atlantic. 

Swim call in the Arabian Sea. No I didn’t feel the need to
go swimming with the jelly fish. 

Beach in Duqm, Oman 

One of our jets coming in for a landing. 

One of our helicopters and a Canadian ship during the multi national exercise. 

One of our escort ships enduring some rough seas.

Our escort ships in formation for a photo op 

Helo busy during the Replenishment at Sea (RAS). All of our supplies were delivered this way since we did not visit any ports that would normally have our supplies. 

Another view of the beach at Duqm, Oman. 

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  1. Beth - I love how you have used shapes to frame some of your images. They are beautiful. You have captured so many great images. Thanks for sharing.