Sunday, August 30, 2020

Tell Me a Story Summer Photos Oct 2020

 Virginia Beach 

3rd Annual Vibe Mural Festival 2020

I took these photo's this summer. I really like searching for and capturing murals and street art. 

Every self respecting city in Virginia has a 3D LOVE sign.
Every self-respecting city in Virginia has a 3D LOVE sign

I love the little black cloud 

This mural was done last year by two brothers. These dogs are how they depict themselves as dogs. 

This turtle is a Disney copy write character and therefore had to have a Disney logo on it somewhere. 

Do you see it?

Today was the 'last day' for the murals to be completed, but obviously some take longer that others. 

When you are a retired CIA agent and have always wanted to own a brewery ....
. you buy one. (The artist of this mural is from Hawaii.)

An artist's rendition of the Virginia state seal. 

These parking spot paintings were done by several schools in Virginia Beach. 

Another standup mural. The standup murals will go into the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art).

This mural was not part of the festival, but beautiful nonetheless. 

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  1. I love graffiti. It is vibrant and beautiful and I love what you have captured Beth. You got a stunning collection.