Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tell Me a Story - July 2020

Out and About Hampton Roads Area

Hog Island Lens Display down town Portsmouth on the river
front. I love the reflections of the ship across the river.

Lightship Portsmouth Museum at night. It's not a very good picture I was at a stop sign with traffic
coming up on me and trying to take the picture while holding my phone through the sunroof. Sadly
I have not been to the museum yet, but I may have to go some day. 

I love this sculpture outside of the Children's Museum here in Portsmouth. 

A friend came to visit, so we decided to take a road trip to North Carolina (an hour away) for lunch. We ventured a little further than our original destination and stumbled across Edenton. A quaint little town. And of course I left my Canon at home, so Iphone photos it is. 

Albemarle Sound/Roanoke River from the pier in down town Edenton,  NC

The 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse, Edenton, NC (side view)

The 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse, Edenton, NC (pier view)

This memorial marks the spot where the women of Edenton gathered in 1774 to protest the British tax on tea. The marker is a 250 pound cast bronze teapot with an upright Revolutionary War era cannon serving as the base. The teapot is highly decorated. Featured prominently on one side (north) is the scene from the Great Seal of North Carolina showing the figures Liberty and Plenty in relief above the words North Carolina. On the south facing side is the inscription.
Closer to home Ft Monroe, one of my favorite go to places:
Sunset over looking the over looking Mill Creek at Ft Monroe, Hampton, VA

Sunset at Point Comfort Lighthouse at Ft Monroe

Head over to Mindy's page for more of Tell me a Story photos. 


  1. I love that lighthouse on stilts - what an amazing building and I love the teapot image and the story behind it. What fun exploring a new town.